User License(s) Request Form

In order to generate a license for Counselog to run on your computer we need some further information from you.

The license file is valid for up to two computers (PC or laptop) running Windows. To identify these computers to us, please carry out the following procedure, complete and submit the form (or contact us by other means):

  1. For Windows Vista, 7 and 8:
    Click on the Start button on the computer upon which you need to use Counselog.

    A menu with two columns will appear.

    In the right-hand column, click on 'Run...' a small dialog box entitled 'Run' appears.

    If you do not see the Run command you can use the search box or enable the Run command (opens in a new window):

    For Windows 10:
    Click inside the Cortana Search box on your task bar.

  2. In the Run or Cortana Search box, type cmd /k "vol c:" (include the spaces and quote marks) and press the enter button on your keyboard or click the "Run the command" in the search results (if using Cortana Search).
  3. Click 'OK'. A black window will appear like the one below:

    The command window

  4. In this window, note down the last four numbers/letters on the second line. In this example, the computer ID is '7F2D'. This is the ID you need to send to us. Please take care to distinguish clearly between numbers and letters (e.g. letter 'O' and zero, number one and letter 'I'). If possible, use the copy & paste feature.
  5. Repeat this procedure for the second computer you wish to run Counselog on (if necessary).
  6. Complete and submit the form below, giving the full name of person to whom the License will belong and the computer ID(s) in the second field (separated by commas). If you have purchased more than one License for yourself, add the appropriate number of additional computer IDs (two per license purchased) in the second field (separated by commas). So if have purchased two licenses to use on four computers, you may enter up to four IDs. If you have purchased a License for more than one person, complete and submit a separate form (name and computer IDs) per individual person.

Please contact support if you have a problem with generating a computer ID or using this form. Thank you.

Please add a comma separated list of computer IDs (as obtained using the process above). If you are requesting Licenses for more than one person, please submit a new form per individual person.
The full name of the person who is requesting a Counselog User License. If you require Licenses for more than one person, please submit a new form for each person.
The email address to which the user license file will be sent. Please use the same email address you used when making your purchase.
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