More Testimonials

Here are some longer comments we have received about Counselog:

"I first encountered Counselog when I attended the Annual Conference of Counsellors in Primary Care in May 2006 and have been an enthusiastic user ever since. 

"I work in two small GP surgeries and am always on a tight time schedule as I cover the two on one day.  I used to find it very demanding having to make notes at the end of each counselling session, especially when I was dashing off to the other surgery.  As someone who types much faster than I can write, the ability to be able to type up my notes in password protected software and to also have available at home, in a secure place, the information that I need to be able to contact patients to arrange appointments, is a huge advantage.

"At the end of a case I can print out the notes from all the sessions ready for filing with the rest of the patient's paperwork in a secure place in the surgery. In this way my notes are easily readable and, with the facility that Counselog provides to show the time as well as the date of entry, they have added value in the event of legal proceedings."

- CF, Durham, UK

"The trouble is that I am lazy. I always mean to write up my notes clearly, concisely, legibly, chronologically, correctly spelt and comprehensively but don’t. I could put forward myriad reasons for this but am sure that you will all be familiar, to a greater or lesser extent, with the problems in a busy life.

"This is where Conselog comes into its own.  Notes and records that have be written in a somewhat haphazard fashion can be transcribed and, almost magically, they are filed legibly, chronologically, correctly spelt, and in an easy to print off format that is easy for both my supervisor and, I hope, accreditation team to follow and understand.

"... clients (who can be anonymous and known only by client code) can be re-visited, notes made can be corrected (if necessary). So if you too have difficulty in keeping up to date with your client records perhaps you should down load the free trial version of Counselog and try it yourself."

- PJ, Bath, UK

"I am writing to share my experience of working with Counselog. Previous to encountering Counselog I kept records of my work in various word documents, binders and self-made pro-formers – and what a time consuming, complicated and frustrating process keeping it all organised was! I wanted to dedicate my time to counselling not creating a coherent and acceptable paper trail to satisfy my own needs and those of my accreditors, the ACC (although I understood the need for it).

"Then I was introduced to Counselog, what a blessing that moment in my life was! I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have found this system of organising my work to be incredibly beneficial to me personally and professionally.

"I was accredited with the ACC last year – when it came to providing the logged evidence of the counselling I had provided clients and the supervision I had undertaken – I simply had to press a few buttons on my keyboard and all that was required by the ACC to meet that aspect of the criteria simply printed itself off ready to send…fantastic!

"I find the program easy to use (and I am computer illiterate!), it meets all my needs in terms of providing the ability to easily evidence and access my entire counselling practice; I can detail the material from each counselling session [including times, dates, locations, content etc], my supervision [again times, dates, locations, contents etc], my clients’ details, information on my career development and training, and all in an entirely printable format kept under the lock and key of client codes and personal passwords.

"I am entirely grateful for Counselog; it has enabled me to ensure my records are securely kept, easy to maintain and access, and very importantly to dedicate more of my time to my counselling and my family."

- AB, Worthing, UK

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