Using Counselog when Office 2016 (or later) including Access is installed

If you have another version of Microsoft Access installed, Windows will sometimes try to open Counselog with that other version of Access instead of the Access "runtime" that Counselog is installed with. This produces an error message.

One way to resolve this is to uninstall the other version of Access. This works with older versions of Office which allow you to uninstall components of Office as you wish. However, recent versions of Office (2016 and later) do not allow Office components like Access to be uninstalled without uninstalling the whole of Microsoft Office. You don't want to do this as Counselog needs to have Microsoft Word and Excel installed.

The easier, and recommended, way to get around this is issue is, instead of double-clicking the desktop shortcut to start Counselog, right-click on it and select "Open with..." from the menu as seen in the image below:


Open with Access (step 1)


Then on the screen that opens up, click on the version of Access that has the same icon and text as in the below image. You may see two entries for "Microsoft Office Access" or "Microsoft Access". Windows isn't very helpful in telling you which version is which but each version does usually have different looking icons. Choose the one that has exactly the same icon and text as in the image below. Then, also make sure the checkbox is checked beside the text "Always use this app to open .accdr files" as below.


Open with Access (step 2)


Windows should now always open Counselog with the correct "Access 2007 Runtime" instead of your other version of Access.

Sometimes Windows may not remember that you told it to always use a specific app. In that case, if you get the same error message again at a later time, you will have to right-click on the Counselog desktop shortcut icon and select "Open with..." as shown above.

There is a way to install Office 2016 and later versions without Access but it may require some help if you are not confident with technology. If you do need this option, please contact Counselog Support as we will be happy to help licensed users at no extra charge.

We are working on a version of Counselog that avoids the need to do this. If you haven't already, please subscribe to the Email Alerts to know when new releases of Counselog are available.