Restoring files backed up with the Remote Safety Copy feature

If you need to go back to using a copy of your records that you have previously backed up using the Remote Safety Copy feature in Counselog 4.x you will need to follow these instructions to make sure that the relevant files are in the right place and that Counselog can find them.

(For release 4.2, please replace "4.3" with "4.2" below, and vice versa.)

Records backed up with the Remote Safety Copy are usually contained in a folder called "Counselog safety copy for user XXXX" (where XXXX is the user name you use to sign-in to Counselog). This folder can be found in the location that you told Counselog to save the files as set in the Counselog Management screen > Miscellaneous tab (unless you have since moved the folder to, for example, another folder or a removable back-up drive).

If you have had to re-install Counselog, you will first need to sign-in to Counselog using the "Example" user account and re-create a new user account to be used with your newly restored records. Ideally, this should be with the same user name that you used when you backed up the records (it just makes the process a little bit easier). See the help documents inside Counselog if you don't know how to create user accounts.

Once you have created the new user account, exit Counselog.

Now, open the Counselog installation folder. If you don't know where this is it can be found in the location shown in the image below (Windows Vista and above) assuming your Windows user name is "John" - replace this with your own Windows user name. If you cannot see all of these folders you may need to enable Windows to show hidden files.

Counselog installation folder location
Click on the image for a larger view

With the exception of any files that begin with "Cg4 UB ...", copy (not "move") all the files from the safety copy folder (named "Counselog safety copy for user XXXX") into the folder "Counselog 4.3\Cg4 docs\<your counselog user name>" where <your counselog user name> is the name you use to sign in to Counselog (the user account you created on a previous step). The image below shows the location of this folder. In this example, you would copy these files into the folder called "John".

Counselog "Cg4 docs" folder
Click on the image for a larger view


  • from the "Counselog safety copy for user XXXX" folder, copy (not "move") the file called "Cg4 UB ... LAST" (the "..." part will be whatever user name you used to sign in to Counselog when you previously performed the remote safety copy) and paste it into the Counselog installation folder (called "Counselog 4.3").
  • Delete the existing file named "Cg4 US <Counselog user name>" in this folder (where <Counselog user name> is the name of the Counselog account you just created), but do not delete the "Cg4 US Example" file.
  • Rename the file named "Cg4 UB ... LAST" to "Cg4 US <counselog user name>" where <counselog user name> is the name of the new account you just created; i.e. if your new Counselog user name is "John" you will rename the file to "Cg4 US John".

If everything has gone according to plan, you should now be able to start Counselog and sign in to the restored account and access your restored records.