Counselog Help

1. User Guides
2. Technical Support
3. Sales Support
4. Software Updates

User Guides

The Counselog help manuals and user guides can be found in your Counselog installation folder and also from within the Counselog main window by pressing F1 on your keyboard.

For help with re-installing Counselog 4.2 or 4.3 please click here.

Technical Support

Premium Support

Counselog users who have purchased a Premium Support plan are entitled to support by phone or Skype as well as priority email support. Email responses for Premium Support subscribers are normally sent between 1-3 hours after receipt during weekdays UK office hours (often quicker).

Counselog Users whose Premium Support period has expired may renew their support package at any time.

Active Premium Support subscriptions also include discounts on the major software upgrades of Counselog, and  all minor and essential software updates.

Free Support

All Counselog users, regardless of any support package, are entitled to free email support at any time. Responses to free email support queries are normally sent between 24–72 hours during weekday UK office hours.

All Counselog users are entitled to free access to all minor and essential software updates to their purchased version of Counselog.

Support for Older Versions

Inevitably, as more releases of Counselog are made, it becomes impossible to support all older versions due to time/resource constraints. Additionally, over time, operating system developers upgrade their own software and this may introduce incompatibilities with older Counselog versions.

We guarantee to provide support and updates for the most recent and previous versions of Counselog. These are currently numbered 4.3 (most recent) and 4.2 (previous). We will endeavour to give technical support for all older versions of Counselog but, due to technical limitations outside of our control—such as Windows updates—this may be limited to helping you upgrade to the most recent Counselog version.

If you wish to upgrade your operating system it may also be necessary to also upgrade to a newer version of Counselog.

Sales Support

Sales enquiries can be made by email. Please see this page for contact details.

Software Updates

The version of Counselog available from the website will always be the most recent version.

There are different kinds of updates available to Counselog users:

Major Upgrades

A major upgrade is when the Counselog major version number changes (e.g. from 4.3 to 5.0). These upgrades will consist of several significant additional features, improvements and possibly a few changes to the user interface. As these take a significant amount of time to build they will most likely occur only once or twice a year.

A new license will need to be purchased for major upgrades but discounts will be available for current Premium Support subscribers.

You do not need to purchase an upgrade but it is recommended if you want to use the latest and greatest version of Counselog.

Minor Updates

A minor update is when the Counselog minor version number changes but the major version number stays the same (e.g. from 4.2 to 4.3). This usually involves one or two minor additional features and improvements to make your current copy of Counselog work better. The program will be essentially the same.

These updates are freely available to all Counselog users on the version they have licensed (licenses are issued per major version). You do not need to accept these updates unless you want these improvements.

Essential Updates

An essential update is when the Counselog major or minor version number does not change but the release date shown on the front screen of Counselog will change to reflect the date it was released. These updates include important bug fixes and security patches.

It is highly recommended that these essential updates are always applied to your installation of Counselog as soon as they become available. These updates are freely available to all Counselog users.

It is recommended that you subscribe to the Counselog Email Alerts to receive news about updates as soon as they become available. Please enter your name and email address in the form below and click the "subscribe" button: